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Latest Releases

August 7, 2014:

 PrintFolders 2.51f

June 15, 2010:

Cleanerzoomer 4.03c

July 28, 2007:

FRCHQ 2.03c

October 3, 2005:

11view 3.0a


August 7, 2014: PrintFolders 2.51f released (change log).

September 20, 2013: PrintFolders 2.51e released (change log).

September 19, 2013: PrintFolders 2.51d released (change log).

December 3, 2012: PrintFolders 2.51c released (change log).

July 8, 2012: Prices dropped for all products, see the title page.

April 1, 2012: PrintFolders 2.51b released (change log).

March 23, 2012: PrintFolders 2.5 released (change log).

Support Disclaimer

Stratopoint Software is a de-facto defunct development group. We still provide technical support, yet it is now limited to suggesting simple solutions and no bugfixing (except for critical flaws). Our products are still distributed under a nagware license, which is identical to freeware, except for a small window that appears on closing the program. You can still download, use and buy (donate for) our products, but unfortunately we can not promise their further development. Of course, a possibility of us returning to this kind of activity remains, but software development has long ceased to be a priority in our lives.

Andrey and Roman Pivovarov.

December, 2011

New Prices
(since July 8, 2012)

I want to appologise to everyone for the prices we kept steadily on the level of the beginning/mid 2000's, it was only because we're now "downshifted" from the software business and in three or four years never ever compared our prices to the prices of the competitive products! By the way, it was not only our fault, as we didn't receive a single complaining message from our clients in these years.


$5 / €5


$5 / €5

Cleanerzoomer Professional

$10 / €10

Framerate Converter HQ

$5 / €5


$5 / €5

11view (commercial license)


One way or another, now the prices are dropped, for all of the products, to as low as USD 5 / EUR 5, with the only exception of Cleanerzoomer Professional which is now only USD 10 / EUR 10.

Latest Release

PrintFolders 2.51f
released on August 7, 2014

Simple and powerful directory printing tool
for Windows (also works on Linux under Wine)


Featured Product


A utility that can save list of files and folders into a plain-text (TXT) or HTML file


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