Stratopoint Software

2016/02/20: All the Stratopoint Software products have been re-licensed as GPLv3 and discontinued. The source code is available for download by the links below. The installers are also still available, alongside with the universal unlock codes, as we have no time nor desire to recompile and repack the software. The company is now officially closed.

Download installers

11view 3.0a (exe, 993 KB) - unlock code:
not needed (freeware)

Cleanerzoomer 4.03b (exe, 5.4 MB) - unlock code:

FixLinks 2.01.1 (exe, 756 KB) - unlock code:

Framerate Converter HQ 2.03c (exe, 477 KB) - unlock code:

PrintFolders 2.51f (exe, 788 KB) - unlock code:

Download source code

11view 3.0a (7z, 9.4 MB)
Cleanerzoomer 4.03b (7z, 101.2 MB)
FixLinks 2.01.1 (7z, 10.8 MB)
Framerate Converter HQ 2.03c (7z, 3.8 MB)
PrintFolders 2.51f (7z, 1.1 MB)
Splittur 3.0 (7z, 1.4 MB)