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Latest Releases

August 7, 2014:

 PrintFolders 2.51f

June 15, 2010:

Cleanerzoomer 4.03c

July 28, 2007:

FRCHQ 2.03c

October 3, 2005:

11view 3.0a


August 7, 2014: PrintFolders 2.51f released (change log).

September 20, 2013: PrintFolders 2.51e released (change log).

September 19, 2013: PrintFolders 2.51d released (change log).

December 3, 2012: PrintFolders 2.51c released (change log).

July 8, 2012: Prices dropped for all products, see the title page.

April 1, 2012: PrintFolders 2.51b released (change log).

March 23, 2012: PrintFolders 2.5 released (change log).

Discontinued Products

Development of the following products has been stopped for an undefined period, the current versions most probably are the last. The technical support for these products is limited to general advises. If you have issues with these products read the FAQ for possible solutions.


Advanced image processing tool designed for reduction of different kinds of noises and artifacts as well as for sharpening and sharp-edge enlargement of images for printing.

More info | Download | Order

Framerate Converter HQ (FRCHQ)

Video processing tool that can accurately change video framerate, speed and frame aspect.

Download | Order

High-quality free image viewer and converter.

Download (freeware) | Commercial licensing

Tool for automated processing of HTML files. It is able to check all kinds of URL's for validity in a whole site, automatically suggest replacements for the broken ones and apply them seamlessly.

Download | Order

Featured Product


A utility that can save list of files and folders into a plain-text (TXT) or HTML file


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